Enabling Independent Living: The Role of Home Care Services in Fulfilling Elderly Dreams


Home holds a special place in our hearts, especially as we age. The question of where and how to age gracefully often stirs passionate discussions. For many seniors, the ability to receive assistance and care at home is closely tied to their housing situation. Access to services, proximity to loved ones, and the ease of daily tasks all play a crucial role in shaping their quality of life. In this blog post, we’ll explore the dreams and desires of elderly individuals regarding their living arrangements and how home care services contribute to fulfilling those aspirations.

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Fulfilling Elderly Dreams:

Our research focuses on understanding the housing and care transitions of seniors, particularly those over 75 in Central Finland. Through interviews, we discovered a diverse range of dreams related to housing. From visions of idyllic Mediterranean islands to desires for automated homes, the common thread was the importance of home in facilitating a fulfilling everyday life. Many seniors expressed contentment with their current homes, emphasizing factors like transportation accessibility, proximity to essential services, and the support of family and community.

Importance of Practical Solutions:

While some seniors enjoy the rustic charm of cottage life, practical considerations become paramount as physical abilities diminish. Functional housing solutions enable seniors to maintain independence and autonomy. Having access to nearby assistance also provides a sense of security without diminishing the importance of maintaining meaningful relationships with loved ones and friends.


Balancing Peace and Social Engagement:

Seniors value both peace and social connections. While privacy is treasured, many long for companionship and activities with peers. Being close to amenities and social opportunities allows seniors to remain engaged in community life while enjoying the comforts of home. Rachel’s sentiment captures this balance eloquently, emphasizing the importance of staying connected to life even as physical limitations arise.


Dreams Reflect Life Stages:

Elderly dreams often reflect the life stage being lived. While families may prioritize spacious homes and yards during the child-rearing years, seniors cherish ease of living, close relationships, and access to services. Luxury takes a backseat to the simple joys of everyday life, highlighting the importance of finding housing options that cater to individual needs and preferences.


As we aspire to fulfill the dreams of our aging population, home care services play a crucial role in enabling independent living and maintaining quality of life. By providing personalized assistance, promoting social engagement, and ensuring practical housing solutions, home care services empower seniors to live meaningful and fulfilling lives in the comfort of their own homes. It’s imperative that we continue to prioritize the development of diverse housing options and support services to meet the evolving needs of our elderly population.

Authors: Paula Vasara & Lina van Aerschot, University of Jyväskylä